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The OCB Organic Hemp Rolling Papers have no extra additives that interfere with the taste and smell of smoking legal cannabis or self-rolled cigarettes. OCB’s Organic Hemp Rolling papers are the natural choice for many cannabis enthusiasts. These thin tand lightweight papers are a favorite for their pure and unadulterated smoking experience. The OCB Premium Double Papers Series are characterized by slow, almost residue-free and tasteless burning.

The package comes with the hologram print and include the following:

  • 1 OCB Organic Hemp Double Papers booklet that contains 100 papers
  • Format of the papers: 36 x 69 mm
  • Made in France


OCB – French for High-Quality Joints:

OCB is a distinguished French brand renowned for its superior rolling papers, leveraging traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge industrial techniques to create a product steeped in quality. OCB’s range includes papers made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, flax, French hemp, and bamboo, each chosen for their unique properties that cater to discerning smokers. The natural beige hue of OCB’s hemp papers, free from bleaching, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to natural processes.

OCB’s excellence lies in its meticulous production process. From pulping to gumming, the French company ensures a consistent, high-quality product. The acacia gum used in its rolling papers are sustainably sourced from African acacia trees, ensures a perfect stick with every roll. The papers are crafted with precision, ensuring each sheet is interleaved for ease of use.

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