Orange Bud CBD Flowers [5g]

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This cup winning strain, coined as Orange Bud, has roamed the cannabis scene since the 80’s. This 100% Skunk hemp strain offers unsurpassed quality in terms of aroma, taste and effect. Orange Bud has gained legendary status for its orange-green buds with fiery orange hairs and aromas of ripe oranges and nectarines.

As the name suggests, Orange Bud has a quite citrusy aura surrounding its existence. The aromas and flavors shift between nectarine and orange, depending on the phenotype. Orange Bud is perfect for people, in need of an energy boost before exercising.

Genuine Swiss GmbH is one of the newer CBD growers in Switzerland having started operations in 2017. The Zurich based company is quickly gaining a reputation for high quality Cannabidiol  products.

    • CBD content <15%
    • THC content <0.4%
    • Cannabis seed grown indoor in Switzerland
    • A hemp plant based product without tobacco
    • All Genuine Swiss flowers are thoroughly pruned by hand
    • No pesticides or fungicides
    • 5 grams per package
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  • It’s robust, potent, and easy to cultivate with impressive yields
  • Distinct sweet taste with citrus hints of nectarine and mature orange
  • Original Skunk strain that flourishes both indoors and outdoors
  • Many repeat growers of Orange Bud cannabis claim they love her primarily due to her uniquely sweet, citrus skunky terpene profile.
  • The strong scent is appealing and attention-grabbing, making you want to squeeze the oily buds and enjoy the penetrating and delightfully enjoyable aroma.

Orange Bud Genetics

The genetics used to create Orange Bud ensure the following characteristics :

  • An easy-to-grow plant, suitable for all grow mediums and techniques
  • Fast-flowering Sativa-dominant Skunk with solid yields
  • A frosty, dense bud structure with orange hairs
  • Enticing sweet and fruity aroma with a social and uplifting high
  • Orange Bud performs well in the hands of a new grower and she will excel in the hands of an experienced grower. This is a strain that can deliver bumper harvests with minimal fuss.

Orange Bud CBD Origins

The Orange Bud strain was discovered in the 80s during a Skunk selection, while trying to create the most fruity strains without compromising yield or quality. The strain rapidly became a favorite in the Netherlands’ coffeeshops. Orange Bud, Power Plant, and White Widow were the original strains still available in many coffeeshops across Europe today. This sativa dominant cannabis plant has delivered a lot of happiness and laughs over the years.



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