Glue Gelato • Nano Nuggs • CBD Buds Indoor [30g]


24% <1.0%


The Nano Nuggs Glue Gelato CBD Flowers from Swiss Botanics has the same characteristics as its big sister the Glue Gelato since they come from the same cultivation. The only difference is the smaller size of the flowers. Nano Nuggs Glue Gelato have a sweet flavor and give off a smell of mango and exotic fruits.

Swiss Botanic cultivates its own cannabis in the Swiss regions of Vaud, Bern, and Valais. Their team attentively nurtures each hemp plant, whether grown in a greenhouse, indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the Boveda terpene shield available in all Swiss Botanic bags, the cannabis flowers do not lose their terpenes and all its aromas, flavours and effectiveness.


    • CBD content <24%
    • THC content <1.0%
    • Cannabis seed grown indoor
    • Dominant: Indica
    • Taste: fruity
    • Smell: intense and exotic
    • Appearance: Mini Buds Ultra Compact
    • A hemp plant based product without tobacco
    • 30 grams per package
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Additional Information:

Afghan Kush CBD Basics

Hailing from one of the hubs of top-tier cannabis and hashish, Afghan Kush has its roots in the nutrient-rich valleys hidden within the renowned Hindu Kush mountains. These locations in Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and northwestern India are the primary homes to most Kush variants, otherwise known as cannabis indica.

What sets this strain apart is that it thrived as a wild hemp plant, growing entirely without human intervention. The Afghan Kush undoubtedly stands as one of the most genuine strains you can find in Swiss CBD Shop.

Cultivating Afghan Kush CBD Seeds

Afghan Kush descends from the indica type of the cannabis plant. It’s originally from the mountainous regions of northern Afghanistan, specifically Hindu Kush. The valley it calls home is incredibly fertile, allowing for its natural growth and evolution without human interference.

This is why the cannabis strain from the mountainous region of Hindu Kush, the birthplace of the Kush variety, is a truly authentic plant bursting with the aromas and flavors of the wilderness. Its distinct hashish flavor is marked by fruity, sweet, and slightly spicy notes. Explore our full range of CBD products to learn more.

This cannabis species, Cannabis indica, grows for three weeks before embarking on a fairly short flowering period: a maximum of nine weeks. Cultivating it indoors facilitates the provision of the necessary care for it to produce top-quality flowers. In the final weeks of flowering, pure water is used for irrigation to enhance the release of its full bouquet of aromas.
Features of Afghan Kush Cannabis from Swiss Botanic

The plant boasts a medium stature, with broad, dark-hued leaves. The flowers are compact, resin-rich, and sticky. They exhibit a light green color and may be speckled with orange pistils.

In terms of flavor and scent, Afghan Kush cannabis presents a fruity, sweet, yet spicy taste. The aroma is powerful, with a woody undertone and an earthy fragrance.

The Effects of Consuming Afghan Kush Weed

Afghan Kush cannabis is celebrated for its soothing properties. It’s perfect for unwinding in the evening after a challenging day. Its sedative impact is dominant. If you lean towards being more active, it might be better to opt for another strain. Thanks to its relaxing qualities, CBD Afghan Kush is excellently suited to addressing insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Its sedative impact is also favored for pain relief. Afghan Kush weed offers intense and prompt relief from discomfort. With Afghan Kush, you’re enjoying one of the most distinguished cannabidiol strains globally. This CBD to THC ratio is ideal for relaxing with some music or assisting you in falling asleep.

How do Boveda Hygro Packs work?

These clever bags are speciallz designed to main CBD fresh and contain a blend of natural salt and water. This saturated solution is nestled within a “reverse osmosis” membrane that’s permeable to water vapor. It can absorb or let out water vapor in response to the surrounding conditions. As long as the container isn’t frequently opened, these packs can maintain their effectiveness for up to 6 months, sometimes even longer. You’ll know it’s time to replace the bags when they start to feel rigid.

Compliance with Swiss Cannabis Regulations

All our CBD-enriched products adhere to the 2017 law requiring that they contain less than 1% THC in their composition. Indeed, THC is a psychoactive molecule, the effects of which are controlled in many European countries, including Switzerland.
As for cannabidiol, or CBD, it can be used or consumed without the risk of an overdose, naturally with the consent of your doctor. In addition to CBD Swiss Cheese flowers, we offer a range of other formats, such as CBD oils and cannabis seeds.



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