Super Easy Haze CBD Buds [2.5g]

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18% <1.0%


Super Easy Haze is an incomparable CBD cannabis strain from the Genuine Swiss brand. The small Super Easy Haze Minibuds flowers are characterised by a deep and complete taste experience. The hemp flower has a fruity smell. The aroma is fruity and leaves a typical haze taste.

Genuine Swiss GmbH is one of the newer CBD growers in Switzerland having started operations in 2017. The Zurich based company is quickly gaining a reputation for high quality Cannabidiol  products.

    • CBD content <18%
    • THC content <1.0%
    • Cannabis seed grown indoor in Switzerland
    • A hemp plant based product without tobacco
    • All Genuine Swiss flowers are thoroughly pruned by hand
    • No pesticides or fungicides
    • 2.5 grams per package
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Genetics: Easy Haze is a self-pollination cannabis plant which inherited the best qualities from its parents: the strong, bushy and compact structure from Yumbolt and the incensed aroma and clear sativa effect from Kali Mist.

Cultivation of Easy Haze: Easy Haze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This is a very easy to grow hemp plant. It can deal with nutritional imbalances, temperature stress, pests and diseases and is particularly resistant to high environmental humidity.

Taste and effects: Both the taste and scent of this Haze variety have citric and metallic notes. As the curing process advances, delicious spicy hints will be easily detected.


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