Gold 5% CBD Oil Full Spectrum [5ml]

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5% 0.5%


Produced in Valais, the CBD Oil Gold 5% Full Spectrum from Naturalpes sets itself apart with its exceptional quality and Swissness. Naturalpes only uses natural locally sourced ingredients, coupled with sustainable Swiss production.

There are different forms of full spectrum hemp oils. Naturalpes RAW oils are made from the first extraction of the cannabis stems and leaves.

Naturalpes GOLD oils follow a refining method called “decarboxylation”. During “decarboxylation”, the first extraction from the cannabis plant (the RAW oil) is heated in order to clean it and obtain a softer and purer oil. This process delivers a more refined and clearer oil, while still providing the benefits of the entourage effect.

Naturalpes also manufactures a wide selection of cannabis products including teas and therapeutic creams. All hemp flowers and CBD Oils are individually tested in certified laboratories for CBD and THC concentrations.


    • CBD content 5%
    • THC content 0.5%
    • CBG content 0.1%
    • Full spectrum hemp extracts with 5% CBD, hemp seed oil
    • A hemp plant based product without tobacco
    • 5ml bottle
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